People Demanding Action Arizona (PDactionAZ) is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization based in Arizona. We are a state chapter of a national organization based in Washington D.C. called People Demanding Action. We build coalitions with other nonprofits and citizen advocacy groups around campaigns that address issues affecting our local communities.


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What does People Demanding Action Arizona do?

(examples include lobbying for specific changes like what type of voting equipment we purchase in Maricopa County)

Community Service
(example include humanitarian aid and a community garden)

(examples include internships that provide hands-on experience in areas like research, lobbying, nonprofit management, public service, professional writing, and information technology)

(examples include tabling at the college campus to engage students who are already passionate about the issues and are looking for an opportunity to make an impact)

(examples include reacting to harmful legislation or appointments with methods like writing to your legislature and requests to speak, sometimes boycotts, litigation, and protests)

(examples include attending the meetings of other organizations and groups already working towards our shared goals)

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